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Power BI - Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure & Microsoft Power BI

The "Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI" course (DP-500) is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to design and implement large-scale analytics solutions using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI. The course covers various aspects of data analytics, including data storage, data processing, data modelling, data visualization, and data governance. Participants will learn how to leverage the capabilities of Azure services and Power BI to design and implement robust and scalable analytics solutions for enterprise organizations.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the key concepts and components of enterprise-scale analytics solutions.
  • Explore the capabilities and features of Microsoft Azure for data storage, processing, and analytics.
  • Design and implement data ingestion and transformation processes using Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks.
  • Create and manage data models using Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Analysis Services.
  • Develop interactive reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.
  • Implement advanced analytics solutions using Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.
  • Ensure data security, privacy, and compliance in analytics solutions.
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of analytics solutions using Azure Monitor and Power BI.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions

  • Overview of enterprise-scale analytics solutions
  • Components and architecture of analytics solutions
  • Data lifecycle and governance

Module 2: Data Storage and Processing in Azure

  • Introduction to Azure data storage options
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Data Warehouse

Module 3: Data Ingestion and Transformation

  • Introduction to Azure Data Factory
  • Designing and implementing data pipelines
  • Data transformation with Azure Databricks
  • Orchestration and scheduling of data workflows

Module 4: Data Modeling with Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Analysis Services

  • Overview of Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Designing and implementing data models
  • Introduction to Azure Analysis Services
  • Tabular modeling with Azure Analysis Services

Module 5: Data Visualization with Power BI

  • Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
  • Creating interactive reports and dashboards
  • Data visualization best practices
  • Power BI data modeling and DAX queries

Module 6: Advanced Analytics with Azure Machine Learning and Power BI

  • Introduction to Azure Machine Learning
  • Training and deploying machine learning models
  • Integrating Azure Machine Learning with Power BI
  • Advanced analytics features in Power BI

Module 7: Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance

  • Security considerations in analytics solutions
  • Privacy and compliance requirements
  • Implementing data security measures
  • Data governance and auditing

Module 8: Monitoring and Optimization

  • Monitoring analytics solutions with Azure Monitor
  • Performance optimization techniques
  • Capacity planning and scaling
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Note: The course outline provided above is a general guideline and can be customized or adjusted as per the specific requirements and needs of the training program.

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